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tree service salem oregon

Your Tree Care Experts

At Eastman Landscape Services, we are your local tree care experts.

  • Tree removal

  • Pruning

  • Aesthetic pruning

  • Shaping

  • Thinning

  • Stump grinding

  • Storm damage clean-up

  • Hazardous limb removal

  • and more ...

Tree Removal

Tree removal can be a daunting and dangerous prospect for many homeowners.

That's why it's important to find a professional service that provides prompt, reliable, and safe tree removal. Whether you have an old or ailing tree in your yard, or simply want to make room for new landscaping projects, you can count on the experienced professionals at Eastman Landscape Services to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Our team uses the latest equipment and safety procedures to ensure that breathtakingly beautiful results are achieved without harm coming to either your home or the surrounding environment. Don't take chances with tree removal – put your trust in a quality professional service instead!

tree removal salem oregon

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is a critical service for maintaining the beauty and health of your landscaping.

It can bring new life to existing trees and ensure their growing health as well as create an inviting view for all.

Pruning increases the number of healthy branches on your tree by removing dead, diseased, or even unwanted branches that may hinder healthy growth.

Give Eastman Landscape Services a call today for all your professional tree pruning services.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding can be a great service to utilize if you're looking to get rid of tree stumps in your landscaping.

Our team uses a heavy-duty stump grinder that grinds the stump into wood chips that can be easily moved and disposed of. It can be much more effective than trying to dig out the stump by hand, taking days or even weeks, only for it to pop back up again.

So don't waste time trying to remove your stumps the old-fashioned way - call the experts at Eastman Landscape Services for a professional stump grinding service that'll make sure your stumps won't grow back!

Storm Damage Cleanup

After a storm, it is extremely important to take the necessary measures for clean-up and repairs. This includes removing any fallen tree branches and debris from your property in order to maintain the safety of your family and protect the rest of your property from further damage.

While some may attempt to do this job themselves, professionals are recommended for large or hazardous tasks, as they bring their expertise to ensure everything is done safely and correctly.

At Eastman Landscape Services, we can provide the professional storm damage cleanup that you need for peace of mind. Give us a call today.

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